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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Mayor: Greater Regionalization Doesn't Mean We Don't Support Our Cops

At last night's meeting of common council, the mayor and council appeared to want to drive home to the public their support for Saint John's police force. The motion came in light of the largely unsuccessful bid to win support for greater  regionalized policing.

Mayor Mel Norton explained he sees regionalization as an opportunity for the region to save money and catch up with the pack--and that goes for waste management and other sectors as well as police. In no way, said the mayor, does investigating regionalization mean the city feels the current services are sub-par.

Further, he said we need to look into whether we have more facilities and equipment than we know what to do with, and whether the status quo is actually giving us the best police service.

Grand Bay-Westfield Mayor Grace Losier has said that a study on greater regional policing would be a waste of time, given the complete lack of interest from the outlying communities.