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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Neighbourhood Group Wants Playground Built

A group of residents in one neighbourhood is taking action to get kids out of the house and onto a set of monkey bars.

Town council hearing a presentation about building a playground on the Kings Way Care Centre property. Dave Aube of the Squire Drive Neighbourhood Group, tells CHSJ News he often takes his four year-old to other playgrounds, and with the number of young children in their area, he'd like to see a place they can play that's closer to home.

Judy Lane of the Kings Way Care Centre says they've offered a portion of their land as a project site. Lane tells us she believes it'll be a win-win for everybody involved because seniors enjoy watching children play, and the children will be able to soak up their wisdom.

The playground would cost $60,000 in total; they're asking the town for $40,000. Aube says they've already raised $800 for the playground, which would geared towards kids aged 2-12. It would be 2400 square feet in size.