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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

No More Chip Seal On Rothesay's Roads

Residents of Rothesay's East side comparing the laying of chip seal on the roads to putting a band-aid over a broken bone. 

One of those people living there, Jim Hennessey, has collected 500 signatures asking town council to stop the road treatment. He tells CHSJ News he doesn't believe the roads were ever properly built and they're in desperate need of work.

Hennessey says the town should bank the money they save from not laying chip seal, and use it to lay asphalt in the future. However, he says he's not opposed to micro surfacing instead of asphalt, saying unlike chip seal, it's at least rolled out with a steamer.

Council approving a motion made by Councillor Bill McGuire to stop laying the chip seal on any streets in Rothesay, not just the East side.