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Monday, September 30, 2013

Emotions Still Running High In Sussex Over Arena Vote

"A real can of worms".........That, from Trevor Thorne who lives outside Sussex on the recent vote about whether people outside the town should pay higher taxes to financially support the 8th Hussars Arena. 

They voted against and the registration fees have gone up considerably. 

Thorne tells CHSJ News the higher fees come with consequences........The Sunday night league has folded and minor hockey registrations are down 35 to 40 per cent which won't help make the shortfall any less.

The shortfall is estimated at 150 thousand dollars and Thorne says the issue has divided the community. 

Thorne, who has played hockey in the town for 30 years or so and had sons in minor hockey, believes the town was after a tax grab from the outlying communities and the arena was just an excuse.