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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Mariner Chairman Supports Subsidizing Businesses

After Salesforce cut 200 jobs at the end of August, some in Saint John were left wondering whether the government should continue subsidizing businesses that just wind up laying people off. 

Mariner Chairman Gerry Pond has a different perspective on the Radian6 layoffs, he tells CHSJ News the company grew rapidly, perhaps a little too rapidly, but it's not entirely a bad news story.

He was involved in Radian6 back in the very beginning and says when Radian6 was purchased, they went from zero employees to something in the range of 450. While some were laid off, he says there's still over 400 people employed.

Pond says the government shouldn't be getting a bad rep for subsidizing such businesses when overall they're still creating jobs. But it's worth noting Pond's company, Mariner, is getting a payroll rebate of 750-thousand bucks for an upcoming expansion.