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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

NB Power Releases Point Lepreau Update

NB Power releasing an update on Point Lepreau saying the net capacity factor for August was 93 per cent.

The capacity factor is the megawatt output of a generating station compared to the maximum that could be produced.

During a regular plant inspection on August 30, one of the hangers supporting piping on the main steam supply on the non-nuclear side of the plant was found to be damaged.

The Point Lepreau team decided to reduce reactor power from 95 per cent to its current level of 90 per cent, which reduced vibration levels.
Site VP Sean Granville says adjusting power levels is part of the day-to-day operation of a nuclear power plant.

Everything is on track for a two week outage beginning October 18th to repair a steam valve.
Sean Granville says this  short outage will allow Point Lepreau to return to 100 per cent power.

Granville says they budgeted and planned for this type of equipment challenge when forecasting the first year of operation after refurbishment, so the outage will not have an impact on rates to NB Power customers.

Over the next few weeks, work will be done on lines connecting our province and the US as part of upgrades south of the border.

When interconnections like this are temporarily removed, there is a higher possibility that the New Brunswick System Operator may request that Point Lepreau reduce its power level to support the  stability of the NB electrical grid.

Two new turbine rotors will be transported from Saint John Harbour to the Point Lepreau Generating Station this fall.   The manufacturer Siemens has the lead role in transporting them to Point Lepreau and is working with NB Power and others to ensure an event-free delivery.