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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Saint John Airport Delivers Sobering Message

Saint John Airport needs alot of help to compete with other airports in the region. That message delivered to the Fundy Regional Services Commission which was told the airport is bleeding 150 thousand passengers a year to other airports. 

Discussions are underway with U.S. Airways about a direct flight from Saint John to J-F-K Airport in New York. The Fundy Regional Services Commission was also told talks will be held with Jet Blue as well. 

The Commission has also been told the runway will have to be extended by 3 thousand feet which could cost something like 30 million dollars. Larry Shepherd, President of Mintage Financial Corporation which represents the local airport, says they lost out on a major European cargo operator because the runway is too short. 

The Commission is being asked for 600 thousand dollars over four years so the airport can better market itself to potential passengers.