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Monday, September 16, 2013

Sussex Mayor Warns Regionalisation Will Be An Uphill Struggle

The vote in Sussex last week was the second example of the folks in the local service districts not willing to see their tax rates rise in order to help pay for an arena in the town, in this case the 8th Hussars Arena. 

Sussex Mayor Marc Thorne tells CHSJ News what is does mean is an increase in user fees of 200 to 300 dollars a person to use the arena.

Thorne says regionalising costs will be an uphill battle because the people in the local service districts will oppose anything that would raise their tax rates.

The same vote result happened in Grand Bay-Westfield with the River Valley Community Centre and, despite that,  Mayor Grace Losier, who chairs the Fundy Regional Services Commission plans to keep pressing to have recreation services regionalised and cost shared.