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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Bosse Doesn't Support Inquiry Into Estabrooks

Inquiries don't stop pedophiles, people stop pedophiles. 

That word coming from the province's Child & Youth Advocate, who is not convinced a public inquiry into the late Ken Estabrooks, who may have sexually abused over 260 youth, is the right way to go.

Norman Bosse, who is a lawyer, defended the victims during the Kingsclear inquiry as a lawyer in the 90s, and he tells CHSJ News this one would be hard to pull off because of how much time has passed and he also doesn't believe it would deter other people from sexually abusing children in the future.

Bosse thinks a better option is police doing their own investigation now. He says police are there to protect the public, and it would stand well for them to explain why they dealt with Estabrooks, a former City Police Officer, the way they did.