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Monday, October 7, 2013

Job Creation With Clean Energy Compared To Oil And Gas

Seven times as many jobs are created in clean energy for every million dollars of investment as compared to the same level of investment in oil and gas. 

We get that word from Mark D'Arcy of the Council of Canadians in Fredericton who points to a recent study that showed double the number of jobs created with clean energy in Massachusetts as compared to shale gas exploration in western Pennsylvania. 

He tells CHSJ news he has heard first hand at the market in Fredericton from people where shale gas exploration is taking place in the U.S. and they are saying do not go ahead with it.

D'Arcy dismisses the argument as myth that the only way we can salvage the provincial economy is by shale gas exploration and building an oil pipeline.

David Thompson of the Conservation Council maintains the big energy projects of late in Saint John with the natural gas pipeline through the city and L-N-G terminal have not brought prosperity.