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Monday, October 14, 2013

Search For Cormier Expands To Upper West Side

Volunteer search groups looking for clues in a teenager's disappearance now moving into the upper West side of the city.

Search coordinator and family friend Amanda Hensey tells CHSJ News they have covered a large portion of the wooded areas on the West side, but so far, they have come up empty. She says 19-year old Gen Cormier was not the type of person to simply vanish without telling anyone where she was going and calls her disappearance very out of character.

Hensey says they are not losing hope that they will find her.

Cormier was last seen on September 29 in the back parking lot of the Reversing Falls restaurant. A fund has been set up online for people who want to donate to the volunteer search effort, click here for a link.