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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Shea Trial Continues Today

Defence wrapping up closing arguments in the trial of 27 year old Caleigh Dawn Shea.

Defence lawyer Brian Munroe calling the case a series of "misunderstandings" and saying the woman who found the baby probably heard one of Shea's other children crying, not the baby left on the street.

Munroe also calling into question the timeline of events saying its impossible to know whether the baby was left for 5 or 15 minutes.

Shea's mother, Sherry Jeffers testifying despite that Social Development has been involved in her daughter's family for domestic violence issues yet, she still goes above and beyond for her children adding they are "dumbfounded" three of them are still not home with their mom.

Shea was polite and composed on the stand as she explained the difficulty she was having with her autistic son that day, as well as pushing a heavy stroller with 4 kids and groceries.

Judge Henrik Toning saying its not an offence to set down a baby for a second....and it has to be established Shea exposed the baby to risk.