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Thursday, October 10, 2013

VIDEO: Snook's Lawyer & Sister Speak

Judge Alfred Brien described Donnie Snook as "reckless and uncaring" as he sentenced the disgraced former politician and church leader to 18 years in jail minus time served.

Defence lawyer Dennis Boyle tells CHSJ News it's not known where he'll be incarcerated--but that decision will be made by federal authorities after Snook undergoes at assessment at Springhill.

Snook's sister, Donna says  she expects some of the victims will go on to repeat the behaviours if they don't get counseling---and she believes, had Snook received help himself, he wouldn't have committed the crimes.

Snook was described as meeting the DSM criteria for exclusive type pedophilia with a preferred age range of boys 8-12--and while treatment will help him manage his urges they aren't likely to go away.