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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Canadian Soldiers May Have Saved D-Day

Remembrance Day will be commemorated Monday at ceremonies around the province and a U-N-B professor says Canadian soldiers who landed in France during Operation Overlord saved D-Day from being destroyed. 

Dr. Marc Milner of the Gregg Centre at U-N-B tells CHSJ News he has discovered it was the Canadian soldiers whose role it was to stop the Panzer divisions from driving the Allies back to the sea.

Dr. Milner also points out the Canadians were outnumbered and the fighting was intense. 35 hundred soldiers of the 3rd Canadian Division were killed, wounded or missing in just four days of combat. 

Dr. Milner is writing a book about the critical role played by Canadian soldier entitled "Stopping the Panzers" which he hopes to publish in the spring.