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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Common Council Sets Priorities For 2014

Common Council appears pretty optimistic as it sets its priorities for 2014 just prior to the start of budget deliberations. 

Clean drinking water is the number one priority and word on whether funding will come about through a public-private partnership is expected before the end of the year. Better roads and sidewalks are also listed as priorities together with economic development and recreation but Mayor Mel Norton says resources remain limited.

City Manager Pat Woods is warning flood control and drainage should also be among the priorities especially for the people who live in Millidgeville, Westgate Park and Glen Falls. 

Fire Chief Kevin Clifford also says Police and Fire will need more up to date equipment to better communicate with eachother during emergency situations. 

Council is committed to maintaining the current level of transit service and a transportation master plan is expected to be presented next year.

Besides looking at what the priorities are, Common Council also looked at what has been achieved since the last municipal election. West side Councillor Greg Norton says it's now easier for developers to get their projects started and Councillor at Large Shirley McAlary says people she hears from appear happy with the progress being made in improving the roads around town.