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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Executive Of Alberta Oil And Gas Company Gives Perspective On Shale Gas

A high flyer with an Alberta Gas company stopping off in the province to talk about the evolution of the oil and gas industry.  

Keith Steeves of NAL Resources, tells CHSJ News, when it comes to getting rid of environmental concerns over fracking with shale gas exploration,"you can never alleviate every concern from every person," he says.  However, he does say you can create a situation that deals with a lot of the concerns. 

  "I would say Alberta is a great example. I wouldn't say that we are completely with people that don't have issues, but I would say that it's fairly well known and a common industry, and people are comfortable in terms of what we do from a drilling perspective," he says.

 Steeves claims shale gas has the capacity to create thousands of jobs.