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Friday, November 29, 2013

Paramount Dismantling Reaches Home Stretch

It's a sad yet fascinating process to watch for those living and working uptown.  

The dismantling of the old Paramount Theatre on Kings Square began in September but you can really see the progress now as work on the facade is underway.

Owner Paul Daeres told CHSJ News in September that tearing it down presents challenges because this building was built to last in the late 40's.

Uptown Saint John and others attempted to save the theatre even going so far as hosting fundraising concerts and handing out "I Heart the Paramount" buttons.

Hemming House Pictures released a documentary on the movement to save the theatre which was released internationally earlier this year.

Uptown Saint John's general manager Matt Alexander told CHSJ News in September that word the theatre was coming down was "disappointing".