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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Schofield Pleads Guilty In Court

44-year-old Brian Schofield pleading guilty to 2 counts of possession for the purpose of trafficking.

The Public Landing resident had a half pound of marijuana, 3 cell phones, 136 meth pills, a Bacchus patch, brass knuckles when he was arrested as part of Operational J-Turmoil in August.

The crown described Schofield's operation as mid-level, while the defence stated he was simply giving pills and marijuana to friends.

The court heard he was buying meth pills in Moncton and then bringing them to Saint John and more information is expected to be given when he reappears in court on December 13.

Former Bacchus member Ryan Wallace also pleading guilty to possession of a firearm he wasn't licensed to own.   

Judge Henrik Tonning pointed out he didn't disrupt the public peace because he wielded the gun to defend his property from intruders...and when he realized it was the police he put it away. 

28 year old Lia Olde Damink also charged in that bust will also appear in court on in the spring. 

She's also charged with stealing medical supplies from her job at the Regional Hospital.