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Friday, November 22, 2013

The Rothesay Common Is Getting A New Look

An open house being held in Rothesay discussing concept plans for the Rothesay Common. This was the third open house being held to get feedback from residents.

Some features of the plan include two basketball courts, an oval skating rink and a new playground.

Landscape architect Daniel Glenn tells CHSJ news, the concept will help people make more use of the area. "It can benefit the community by creating a lot more use throughout the season for the space," he says.

 Mayor Bill Bishop tells us, the Common will be for all ages to enjoy. "People are very excited about it," he says, they can't wait to see this because it's not only for the young but for the old. It's skating, walking trails and improvement of drainage, so it's a great facility for the center of the Town of Rothesay."

Bishop says work on the project should begin this spring and is hoped to be completed by the fall.