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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Too Many Playgrounds Means Some Are Falling Apart

You might have noticed  broken swing-sets and overflowing garbage cans when you take the kids to your local playground.

There's a reason for that, according to Michael Hugenholtz of Saint John's Leisure Services department: a city the size of Saint John should have about 14 playgrounds, but we have over 70 meaning some are falling into disrepair. 

Hugenholtz explains under newly-adopted PlaySJ community groups will have to maintain smaller playgrounds--but Common Councillor Ray Strowbridge has concerns that in areas where community groups don't exist playgrounds that are well-used won't be maintained.

Hugenholtz says there are 42 playgrounds that could potentially be phased out and it makes more sense to invest in flagship playgrounds like the one at Rockwood Park that serve a lot of families.