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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A Pipe Failure Forces Latest Boil Water Order

Add Lakewood Heights to the list of 2013 watermain breaks leading to another boil water order.

A pipe from 1800's failed early this morning meaning chlorine stopped entering the system.  

Saint John Water's Kendall Mason says because of the watermain failure the water being drawn from the lake was coming into fast and the chlorination system could not keep up so it was not being disinfected properly.

Doug Walker of the Department of Health explains why Forest Hills school shut down early due to low water pressure.

He says it becomes a concern especially in a school when you get into a situation where you can't use the washrooms and children can't wash their hands.

The City expects the boil water order will remain in effect until at least Friday.

The boil water order impacts 45,000 Saint Johners living east of the Reversing Falls bridge.