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Monday, December 16, 2013

Assisted Living Facility Owner Speaks Out On New Admission Criteria

The owner of an assisted living facility wants the provincial government's new admission criteria for homes like his to be reversed.

David McNair of McNair Manor tells CHSJ News the Department of Social Development has changed the eligibility criteria so only those who have a dementia diagnosis can secure a spot at a specialized care bed homeunless you can pay for your placement out of pocket. McNair says those without dementia are no longer eligible for a subsidy. He calls it a clear disadvantage to those without the diagnosis, giving them no choice but a big institutional environment.

Minister of Social Development Madeline Dubé responding to concerns with a letter that says seniors with dementia are better served by staff specifically trained to manage their distinct needs.

McNair Manor is an assisted living facility with three locations, two in Moncton and one in Riverview, and plans to expand into Rothesay.