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Friday, December 13, 2013

BREAKING NEWS - More Details On Boil Order Lifted

From Saint John Water:

Test results have confirmed that water is now safe to consume at all locations except between 733 Rothesay Avenue(Fundy Honda) and the end of Rothesay Road (at K-Park)


Water is now safe to consume in the remainder of the City.

Water test results have been reviewed with the Department of Health and the Medical Officer of Health has rescinded the boil water order for the above areas effective immediately.

What should you do?

§  If you have been home over the past few days, you have run the water in the house for washing and other things. You need to do nothing else, since in using the water you have effectively flushed out old water and brought fresher water into your plumbing.

§  If you have been away from your home during this period, it is recommended that you take a few minutes to flush out the water in your plumbing. This can be done by simply turning on each of the taps in your house for a few minutes. This will remove the water that has been sitting in the pipes while you were away and will draw cleaner, fresher water into your house.