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Monday, December 9, 2013

Council Hears Arguments For And Against Fluoride

A scant majority of 52% voted to start adding fluoride to the water supply back in 1992--and now, common council is revisiting whether or not the chemical should still pumped into the domestic water supply.

City Manager Bill Edwards explains the fluoride itself costs $177,000 dollars each year--but less than 1% of that water ends up as drinking water. He advised from a financial perspective the practice is a huge waste, akin to buying a new bottle of asprin every time you need to take a single dose.

The Mayor tells CHSJ News the city will be seeking medical advice on whether fluoridated water is a good thing in a blue collar town where some don't have access to dental care.

Another fact to consider is that fluoride is acidic and hard on pipes, and currently another chemical is added to balance the Ph level. Council will vote on the issue after hearing more information in February.