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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Mayor Of Grand Bay-Westfield Says A Red Cross Shelter Is Open At Local Church

Mayor of Grand Bay-Westfield, Grace Losier saying she's concerned about those without power that need help, and  don't know how to get it.

She's urging residents in Grand Bay-Westfield to go a shelter being offered by the Red Cross at Saint Matthews Church. 

She says the Red Cross is there 24/7. "If you need heat, you need to go there and be warm," she says. 

"Communications is the big break down here,in some cases the cell phones aren't working. For many elderly people they don't have a cell pone, and how can we even identify where they are or what their needs are?"

She adds, anyone in the area that's unable to get around to call the local taxi service at 646 0709 or 977 2294 or 738-2003. She says if you have concerns or need help, you can reach mayor Grace Losier at home at 738-2968.