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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Proposed Medical Marijuana Factory In St. Stephen

A business in St.Stephen has put forward a proposal for the building of a medical marijuana factory in the town. 

Darren Marshall is VP of Tidal Health Solutions. The business has applied for a license, under the new Health Canada regulations. 

He tells us the factory will add 15 more jobs and will be regulated under the new Health Canada Rules.

"This whole new system is going to be centered around license producers, so we've made an application to become a licensed producer," he says.

 Right now, patients who use medical marijuana can grow it themselves or can have a licensed producer do it for them.

After the new rules take effect on April 1st, growing medical marijuana will only be permitted to licensed producers. 

Marshall tells CHSJ News, "some of the challenges will be educating people on what it is and how it's used, and getting away from some of the stigma that surrounds the product now."