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Monday, December 2, 2013

UPDATED: Suspicious Package at UNB Saint John

A tense situation on the campus of UNB Saint John where the discovery of a suspicious package late this morning forced the evacuation of the UNB field house.

Staff Sergeant Mike King of the City Police tells CHSJ News there is a return address on it which they are looking into. City Fire's Haz Mat unit was called in just before 11am.

King says they can't say what the package looks like, or what is inside the package at this time, but he does say no threat has been issued.

UPDATE: Platoon Chief Peter Saab of City Fire says a CBRNe unit, which is an RCMP division specially trained to deal with suspicious packages, has just arrived from Halifax and they are getting ready to examine the package.

Saab says the package was isolated in an overpacked barrel in the meantime.