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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Tax Base Revenue Declines In Saint John

Saint John will have the dubious distinction of losing the most amount of tax revenue next year of any municipality in the province, 572 thousand dollars, despite receiving a million more dollars in funding from the province.

Quispamsis is getting 147 thousand dollars less in provincial grant money but its tax base is rising by 98 thousand dollars. Rothesay will receive 96 thousand dollars less from the province but revenue from its tax base will be 173 thousand dollars higher. 

Hampton is also getting 82 thousand dollars less in provincial money and its tax base will grow by 84 thousand dollars. Provincial grant money for Sussex is going down by 29 thousand dollars with a 62 thousand dollar rise in the town's tax base. 

Grand Bay Westfield will be getting 12 thousand dollars more in funding from the provincial government next year and its tax base will grow by 114 thousand dollars. 

By contrast to Saint John, Moncton saw its provincial funding cut by 1.9 million dollars but its tax base grew by 5.7 million.