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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Tin Can Beach Will Stay Open To The Public

It's a bit run down to say the least, but many South Enders enjoy visiting Tin Can Beach--and they'll be happy to hear they can continue doing that despite media reports to the contrary.

There had been confusion about the future of the beach as a public space with CN officials saying it would be fenced off at the rail line. CHSJ News has heard, however, that the city is now in talks with the landowners to ensure it remains accessible.

The ownership of the land is complicated--the beach itself belongs to Port Saint John, but other nearby land is the property of Potash Corp and CN Rail; however, the bottom line is the Mayor says the beleaguered beach will stay open.

There's also been talk of linking up the beach with the Harbour Passage--but there are no concrete plans at this point for how that could happen.