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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Companies File $880,000 In Liens Over Algonquin Renos

An iconic provincial hotel may be in some hot water.

Reports say several companies have filed liens against Southwest Properties and Newcastle Developments, the owners of the Algonquin Hotel and Resort in St. Andrews, for money they say are owed to them for the renovation.

Reports say four of the liens also name Avant-Garde Construction, the general contractor for the reno.

The claims apparently add up to $881,000.

Kent Building Supplies is claiming the largest amount owing at $481 thousand.

Southwest President Gordon Laing giving a statement saying payments were made to sub-contractors in December and January, with another due in February.

The Charlotte County Hospitality Partnership -- who is responsible for the management of the renos -- issuing a statement on the big bill.

The CCHP says they have been working with sub-contractors over the past 6 weeks to reconcile work with each contract adding significant payments were made in December and in January and they expect the accounting to be completed in early February.

It states some contractors have exercised their lien rights as a legal precaution, but work is continuing towards completion in May.

The CCHP says additional payments will be made shortly.