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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Minor Damage To Some Schools During Holiday Storms

The rough weather over the holiday season, meant extra work for many facility staff at the Anglophone South School District. 

Superintendent Zoe Watson thanking the staff for their work, checking up on the schools that were without power.

She tells CHSJ News, there was some damage because of the weather. "We did have a fairly major water pipe break at Saint Malachy's High School. There was a fairly significant amount of damage there to a few rooms," she says. 

 She adds, several schools in the Grand Bay-Westfield area and the KV were without power, meaning many facility staff were out over the Christmas holidays checking schools for water pipes that might be frozen.

She adds, many of the staff were without power themselves. "I did want to publicly acknowledge and thank our facilities workers, for all of the extra work that they did over a busy holiday season," she says.