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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Non-Profits Have Leases Terminated

It only closed businesses in the Market for one day--but an early-January heating line rupture at the City Market has had far worse implications for three local non-profits.

The Human Development Council, Senior's Center, and PRUDE Inc. were all housed in the Market tower; however, now that it's been deemed unsafe, they'll be looking for new spaces to call home. Deputy Mayor Shelley  Rinehart tells CHSJ New previously the organizations were given a grant from the city in lieu of rent--but now they'll have some temporary assistance before they have to make their own arrangements.

Rinehart says there's been discussion of how the space will be used when it's finally brought back up to code.

Contractors are evaluating the damage but there's no word on how long the repairs could take--or their potential cost.