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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Saint John Fire Respond To Rescue Mission At Partridge Island

Saint John Fire responding to a rescue mission at Partridge Island overnight. A night of adventure for four young men, turning out be quite dangerous.

 Around 1 am this morning Saint John Fire went across the breakwater and found the four teens. They made their way across, and were unable to make it back after the water became rough.

Platoon Chief Eric Garland tells us CHSJ News, crews have responded to similar situations in the area before, but generally not as serious.

"We've been there for people who generally get a little ways out, but as I say these people were all the way across," he says. Probably what they were doing was possibly exploring. It's a very dangerous spot to be crossing at any time in the year, doesn't matter if it was a warm day in the summer. Due to the complications of tides, water and wind," he adds. 

 He tells us, conditions were treacherous and crews were concerned the teens risked getting hypothermia. One person had minor injuries. Crews were on scene until about 5 am this morning.