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Friday, January 10, 2014

UNB Explains Financial Situation As Strike Deadline Approaches

With a strike deadline on the horizon, the University of New Brunswick outlining the facts of their financial situation.

UNB's Vice-President of Finance Dan Murray says declining student enrollment, low levels of provincial operating funding and caps on tuition increases putting a strain on their operating budget.

He says tuition would have to go up at least 10% every year for four years to pay for what the Association of University of New Brunswick Teachers is asking for. He says he doesn't think that's financially viable for the university in this economy.

Murray says their operating revenue is predicted to go up by 1.8% over the next two years, but if their overall expenses increase by more than that every year, the university won't have a balance between their revenues and expenses.
The association says the key issues are compensation and working conditions comparable to other universities of similar size. 90% of the members on the four campuses voted to strike. The strike deadline is Monday.