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Friday, January 17, 2014

UNB Explains Reasoning Behind Hiring Security

The private security firm hired by the University of New Brunswick to monitor the picket line is there to keep strikers safe. 

That, according to UNB's Associate Vice-President of Human Resources & Organizational Development Peter McDougall. He tells CHSJ News they're confident the faculty on strike will be professional and respectful, but there is a risk that others may not be. He says the university recognized that for everyone's safety, there needed to be a security presence on the picket line.

McDougall says there's been no action by the security firm, that they're aware of, that would be anything other than respectful. He adds, the work the security team is doing has everything to do with safety and nothing to do with trying to involve themselves in a labour dispute.

Colleagues from twelve other universities joining AUNBT on the Fredericton picket line today, including Mount Allison, U de Moncton and Memorial.