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Friday, February 21, 2014

A Change Of Plan To Get Rid Of All That Snow

It's been an intense series of snowstorms this week...and with the banks still towering over many densely-populated streets, city crews are working to ensure the roadways stay clear. 

It's been quite a battle according to Transportation Commissioner Kevin Rice. He tells CHSJ News they've reached a bit of an impasse when it comes to the Southern Peninsula, Old North End, and lower West Side because there's no more room to push the snow back to. There have also been problems with keeping some of the snow plowing equipment on the roads.

During the day and night crews will be working to remove snow and haul it to their snow dump by truck or also do what's referred to as free blowing of snow onto lawns. 

Rice says rain in the forecast tonight could also complicate matters with localized flooding.

Meantime, a snowplow operator making his rounds came across a little girl dressed in a snow suit shortly after 4:30 this morning. Police were called to make sure she wouldn't be harmed.