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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

BREAKING: Salvation Army In South End Announces Imminent Closure

The Salvation Army has announced the Center of Hope on Saint James Street, which provides emergency and longer-term housing for the city's homeless, will be closing its doors as of April 30th.

Rhonda Harrington of the Sally Ann tells CHSJ News the organization has offered residential services in this city since 1906, with the current facility operating since 1982.

The Center of Hope has been receiving $1 million annually from the province. Recently, a request for additional funding to repair the aging building was turned down. The organization has released a statement explaining the Salvation Army Divisional Headquarters has had to provide significant emergency operating funds to fill the gaps, and the shortfall has made the operations unsustainable.

The Salvation Army is now working to place all their current clients elsewhere. According to their website, the shelter has 67 beds in total for men, with 27 of the beds for the Community Housing Program and 40 for the Special Care Program.

Harrington says talks have already began with an eye to offering services at a new location in Saint John--however, no details are forthcoming on when and where that might be.