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Monday, February 10, 2014

Concern Over Release Of Sex Offender In Sussex Area

People who live in a small community north of Sussex are up in arms after learning a convicted sex offender is returning after serving his time, albeit with a list of conditions. 

54 year old Terrance Leger was convicted on three charges of sexual interference involving young boys. 

Dave Mantin is Director of the Sexual Abuse Network of Canada and tells CHSJ News where Leger plans to live is too close for comfort with a school bus stop and church nearby. He claims Leger will be violating the conditions of his release everytime he walks out his front door and wonders if the RCMP ever checked where he was going to reside.

The Parole Board concluded Leger was at high risk to reoffend. According to Mantin, 68 per cent of sex offenders who have a preference for young boys reoffend. 

A public meeting on this will be held tomorrow night at the Millstream Recreation Centre starting at 6:30.