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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Council Will Keep Putting Pressure On Gov't To Deal With Deer

The three councils in the Kennebecasis Valley getting the silent treatment from the province on the growing issue of deer.

Rothesay Mayor Bill Bishop tells CHSJ News it's a provincial, not municipal matter and they've done all they can at this point, supplying the government with all the data they could gather from citizens and police. He says people in the valley are getting very upset and frustrated at the inaction by the province.

Rothesay passing a motion at a council meeting to write a letter to the provincial Minister of Health expressing their concern and asking the provincial government to take action. Bishop says at this point bringing in bow-hunters to cull the deer is an option that really needs to be considered.

Lyme disease and attracting coyotes aren't the only problems deer pose. Last August, council was shocked to hear deer had caused over 700 car crashes from the beginning of 2013 up to that point.