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Friday, February 14, 2014

Driving And Walking Are Treacherous With Stormy Weather

The snowpocalypse that many people were fearing didn't come to pass. 

The Saint John region didn't get as much snow as forecast but we're getting a lot of rain and that's making life treacherous for both drivers and walkers. 

There's a lot of water on the roads on top of ice. Rothesay Regional Police telling CHSJ News the roads in the K-V are awful and drivers are being urged to slow down if they don't want to wind up in a ditch. 

There has been some flooding on the east side. Rothesay Avenue under the train bridge is closed. City Police tell us Commerce Drive at Mark Drive is closed, barricades have been placed at Foster Thurston as you come off Highway 1 and the curb lanes along Rothesay Avenue have a buildup of water. We're told there's also a large pool of water at the bottom of McAllister Drive at Westmorland Road as well as along Loch Lomand Road between Bon Accord and Hickey Road. 

The sidewalks are icy and you can easily fall down.

All schools in the Anglophone South School District from Sussex to St. Stephen, including Saint John, Anglophone West in the Fredericton region and in Francophone South are closed for the day because of the stormy weather. Eastern College and Eastern Trades College are also closed.