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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

New Planning Regulations For Future Development In City Moves Forward

If you're sick of noise from illegal car repair shops or seeing buildings torn down to make way for vacant lots, you might be pleased to see Common Council voting to take the steps to finalize ZoneSJ by this summer. 

The draft zoning bylaw is the result of numerous public info sessions and workshops, and presents a roadmap of where new development should be located and where it shouldn't. 

Common Councillors John Mackenzie and David Merrithew say they hope the city can enforce it.

The zoning by-law is also supposed to keep heavy industrial developments away from residential areas although some people who live in rural areas of the city complain it focuses too much on the urban core, neglecting the interests of those outside. 

Only Common Councillor Susan Fullerton voted against moving forward with Zone SJ but she declined to comment on why.