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Monday, February 3, 2014

Steeves & Jardine Will Be Honored On April 2nd

A well known community volunteer is the 2014 Red Triangle Award winner.

Daryl Steeves is a self-described true Saint Johner who was born here, grew up here and went to school here.

He says we don't need to apologize to anybody in the world adding we have everything we need for a great quality of life but he says we can all contribute to maintaining it and making it even better.

Danny Jardine is the 2014 Leader to Watch known for his participation with countless groups but he tells CHSJ News he is drawn to organizations that help fight poverty.

He says that's why he's a big fan of the Strong Kids campaign because it allows kids that might not otherwise get the chance to take part.

Both Steeves and Jardine work for Horizon Health and they will get their awards on April 2nd at the Delta.