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Monday, February 24, 2014

ZoneSJ To Address Problems With Parking Lots, Heavy Industry And More

Fed up with buildings being torn down to make way for new parking lots?

The new draft zoning bylaw, ZoneSJ, will purportedly crack down on landowners who allow properties to crumble, only to replace them with gravel lots.

Common Councillor David Merrithew says he just hopes it's enforceable--a sentiment echoed by Councillor John Mackenzie and others.

Planner Stacey Forfar explained another element of ZoneSj is addressing the problem of heavy industry situated right beside residential areas. While we might have accepted such development in the past, Forfar explained, we need to safeguard against it going forward to ensure resident's quality of life is maintained.

ZoneSJ also relaxes the rules about adding granny suites to homes, and will make sure developers follow minimum landscaping standards; although, some rural residents have criticized what they see as a singular focus on urban development at the expense of their interests.

Council voted to take steps to adopt ZoneSJ by this summer with only common councillor Susan Fullerton voting against.