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Monday, March 17, 2014

Councillor Still Struggling Over Fluoridation

Common Councillor John MacKenzie says if substantial amounts of money in healthcare costs can be saved by fluoridating water, then the provincial health department should pick up the tab.  The issue will come up before Common Council tomorrow night.

Both the Dental Society and District Medical Health Officer Dr. Scott Giffin argued health dollars are saved because of fluoridation but how much of a saving is unknown. 

Councillor Gerry Lowe says most of the people he has heard from don't want fluoridation. That appeared to be the consensus judging by the results of a Country 94 poll we conducted after the city voted to stop fluoridating the water.

MacKenzie admits he is troubled by the decision to stop fluoridating the city's water supply after hearing more than half of children suffer from toth decay.