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Thursday, March 13, 2014

VIDEO: JDI Announces $450 Million Investment At The Pulp Mill

The pulp mill on the west side never heard so much applause or saw so many standing ovations.  

 A huge crowd on hand as JDI annnounced it's investing 450 million dollars in a modernization program at the West side pulp and paper mill.

It will generate 1.2 million in person hours of construction over two phases which is the equivalent of 600 full time equivalent jobs.

Jim Irving says there will be further announcements in other locations.

He says there will also be money spent at mills in Doaktown, Chipman, St. Leonard's and Sussex.

Premier David Alward was asked about the timing, one day after his government's new forestry strategy was laid out.

He says a stable wood supply was essential to see any sort of investment back in the industry.
He's says it is a direct link but he feels very positive because they have found the balance of environmental sustainability.

The land available where the old Simms Brush factory used to stand will be used for overflow parking and staging but no new buildings will be constructed there.

The total investment is $513 million in three phases.   Phase 2 begins this spring with a price tag of $198 million and will last for two years.   It will include building a new chip screening and handling system.