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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

M-L-A For Oromocto Talks About The End Of The Afghan Mission

Canada's military mission in Afghanistan has officially come to an end, more than 12 years after it first began. 

The M-L-A for Oromocto where C-F-B Gagetown is located, Jody Carr says it represents closure, sorrow, anger and pride. 

Carr says there would be worry and stress whenever word came that a Canadian soldier had died. He vividly remembers the conversation he had with his daughter when she was in grade 1 and told him her friend's father wouldn't being coming home from Afghanistan after a roadside bomb exploded in April of 2007. 

Since February 2002, 158 Canadian soldiers have died in that war-torn country including Private David Greenslade of Saint John in that same roadside explosion during the Easter weekend of 2007.