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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Premier Defends What His Government Is Doing To Turn Province Around

Premier David Alward is dismissing the latest polling which shows his government trailing the Opposition Liberals in popular support by 12 per cent, telling CHSJ News he knows the upcoming provincial election will be tough but the polls have been unreliable of late if you look at what happened with the provincial elections in B-C and Alberta.

Alward maintains the decisions his government are making now, however controversial, will make the province stronger down the road. He spoke at his party's nomination meeting at Champlain Heights School, saying there will be announcements made soon to boost forestry in the province and that will benefit the port of Saint John.

Alward, also taking a shot at Provincial Liberal leader Brian Gallant, saying he's all about moratoriums whether it's shale gas or pension reform and the province can't afford a step back.