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Monday, March 31, 2014

Provincial Cabinet Minister Scoffs At Liberal Policy Forum

Provincial Tourism, Culture and Heritage Minister Trevor Holder says he finds it rich the provincial Liberals would come to his riding over the weekend to hold a policy forum on economic development when they haven't presented any policies that would benefit the economy of Saint John. He calls them the party of no. 

Holder charges Provincial Liberal leader Brian Gallant has managed to avoid saying what he stands for and how he would spur economic growth but the M-L-A for Dieppe Centre, Roger Melanson, who co-chaired the policy forum at the university, defends what the Liberals are doing and how they're going about it. He maintains Gallant wants policies to be developed that are founded on solid fact based evidence.

The Liberals plan to unveil all of their proposals they'll be campaigning on after holding a policy convention in Fredericton on April 26th.