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Friday, March 21, 2014

Shale Gas Opponents Say Job Claims By Alward Government Are Just Spin

The New Brunswick Anti-Shale Gas Alliance has scheduled a series of public meetings around the province, including one in Sussex, to give people all the information on shale gas instead of what it calls propaganda from the Alward Government. 

Jim Emberger of the Alliance tells CHSJ News if you look at the number of jobs created by shale gas in Pennsylvania, the claims being made in New Brunswick about how this will turn the economy around have been wildly overblown. He says in Pennsylvania, 4 jobs were created per well as opposed to the claim in the Deloitte Touche report that 21 jobs will be generated per well. 

Emberger also argues Massachusetts has created three times the number of jobs with green energy as compared to what Pennsylvania has generated with shale gas.