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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Voting Open For CAA's Worst Roads Campaign

Whether it's riddled with potholes, covered in cracks or too narrow for comfort, the CAA wants to hear about those roads drivers dread. 

Voting is now open for Atlantic Canada's Worst Roads campaign, and the association's Gary Howard says the point is to draw attention to those bad roads that desperately need fixing up. Howard says Rothesay Avenue in Saint John, which was named the seventh worst road last year, is still a work in progress but stands out as one of the shining example of investment in roadways.

He says over the past couple of years the City of Saint John has dedicated more resources to infrastructure, repair and maintenance in terms of roadways than in its history.

Cape John Road in River John, Nova Scotia getting the dubious distinction of being named the Worst Road in Atlantic Canada last year, with Hanwell Road in Fredericton coming in second.

Click here for more details and to vote.